In the new shop music fans as well as drum enthusiasts will find something!

The fan shop offers various own products like autograph cards, pictures or drumsticks, which can be ordered directly through the online shop.


Studens from all over Switzerland travel to me, to Mümliswil/SO for lessons.

If you live near Zurich or in the eastern part of Switzerland, there is the option to take classes in Volketswil/ZHHomeschooling is possible upon request.

The lessons will be customized to your wants and needs.

If you are interested, please just contact me directly via the registration form.



Super proud to be in the new @sabiancymbals_official product catalog on the same page as three of my all time favorite drum heroes.☺️
Thanks so much Sabian!🥰
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A question for all drummers!☺️
What do you guys prefer? Do you prefer playing live or in the studio?🤔
For me it's definitely the combination of both worlds.😊
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Even though many things seem dark in these difficult times there are always good things.
From month to month more and more students visit my drum lessons. I just want to say thank you for the trust!☺️
You guys are awesome!🤘🏻
Photo by @jw4949
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I wish you guys a beautiful sunday!☺️
Hopefully you can play drums all day😉
or just chill with your favorite people and cuddle with your girlfriends cat.😄
Photo by @realjoel.n_
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Just Groovin’😇
Do you know the song?😉
Video by @manuel_schuetz_photography
#eluveitie #drumcam #alainackermann
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As soon as we can play shows again, we will destroy the stage!🔥🤘🏻
Awesome shot by @kai_kestner
My @sabiancymbals_official Holy China is looking great in this picture.😄👌🏻
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Wow!😳 You guys are insane!😊🤘🏻
Thanks so much💙🙏🏻

#Repost @eluveitie_official with @make_repost
Over 36 million streams and over 2 million hours of ELUVEITIE on Spotify in 2020! Thank you! 🙏⁠

Which has been your most-streamed ELUVEITIE song this year?⁠

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Bist du auf der Suche nach einem geeigneten Geschenk für jemanden, von dem du weisst, dass er gerne Schlagzeug spielt oder es gerne lernen möchte?

Dann habe ich das perfekte Geschenk für dich!🎁 Durch das Starter Paket schlägt jedes Drummerherz höher.

Im Starter Paket inbegriffen sind:
– 3 Lektionen Schlagzeugunterricht à 60 min im Wert von CHF 300.–
– 1 Paar Vic Firth 55A Drum Sticks mit Unterschrift
– Unterschriebene Metall Autogrammkarte

❗️Das Ganze gibt es zu einem speziellen Vorzugspreis von CHF 290.—❗️

Zum Bestellen klicke auf den Link in meiner Bio oder schreibe mir eine DM!
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My kit from our show at @copenhell 2019
It's always nice to see all my drums clean and ready before a show!😈🔥
@mapexdrumsofficial @sabiancymbals_official @remopercussion @vicfirth @schlagraum
#eluveitie #copenhell2019 #alainackermann

I‘m on my way...
What do you guys think where am I going?😄
📸 by @realjoel.n_
Thanks for a nice afternoon buddy! The shots are killer!
#autumnvibes #alainackermann

A short clip from a live show always makes the day better!☺️ I miss the feeling of playing live the most... just the spirit and the energy it has is so different than everything else.💥
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@mapexdrumsofficial @sabiancymbals_official @vicfirth @schlagraum @remopercussion

If you are interested in taking lessons with me, I offer private lessons at my home in Mümliswil and in Volketswil! DM or Email at for more information.
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Are you ready for the weekend?☺️
I really like this autumn mood, so I will definitely go out for a run! And maybe I will do some pad practice outside.🤔😄
Photo by @jw4949
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Hey Guys, my Rebirth Playthrough Video is now on my Youtube Channel!🔥 Link in Bio!
The drums were recorded by Michu Stalder at
Video and Editing by
#eluveitie #rebirth #playthrough #alainackermann
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Yesterday @danielmilert and I were testing different microphones😄
My favorites were the microphones from @earthworksaudio☺️ Can you hear how amazing my toms sound?😍
The audio is of course from the microphones and not from my iPhone😄
I was a bit tired because the video was recorded at around 12am. So maybe not the tightest stuff i’ve played so far🤦🏻‍♂️😄
#earthworksmicrophones #drumrecording #alainackermann
@mapexdrumsofficial @sabiancymbals_official @remopercussion @vicfirth @schlagraum